Our Mission

Our mission is to have mobilization, networking, resource coordination, supporting rehabilitation, training, relief, recovery, rescue, and more. We seek to support and facilitate change for North Korean refugees, and the reunified Korean peninsula for NEW KOREA.

We are committed


NKFI hopes that more people would come to have the hearts for North Korea. We pray together with those who hold New Korea’s vision, prepare the Bible for North Korean people to read and speak out for those currently suffering from all nations.


Prayer: 1 million Prayer Petition Campaign

‘During his two years detained in North Korea, over 177,000 people wrote to President Obama to help free NK Relief founder Kenneth Bae. Many people also prayed for him to feel the love, power, and encouragement of God. This commitment of people from around the world has brought forth ‘Pray4nk.org, an International prayer movement involving people just like you.

Advocacy: For the reunification of Korean Peninsula and a voice for the voiceless

Through various media outlets and rallies, we intend to engage with and appeal to the international community, seeking to instill freedom of faith and human rights in North Korea.

Bible: 1 Million Bible Production and distribution Campaign for Pyongyang

This program is focused on producing one million Bibles in print and digital, which can provide to North Koreans and North Korean refugees. After reunification, it was designed to spread the gospel by delivering one Bible per household to one million families in Pyongyang.

We are committed


We are doing the training through NGI (Nehemiah Global Initiative) in South Korea through rebuilding the lives of next-generation holistically (spiritual, educational, emotional, social, physical) North Korean Refugees through training and education to equip them as the Nehemiah for this generation.
Rebuilding the lives of next generation North Korean Refugees through education to equip them as the Nehemiah for this generation. We focuses on instructing and equipping North Korean Refugee youth with the critical skills they need in their education to fulfill their path to a successful future as leaders and contributors to this world.


New Korea Discipleship Camp

We aim to empower North Korean Refugees on their dream, and let them find their destiny in God through discipleship. The first NDC was held in California and Seattle, Washington for 15 days in 2020.

New Korea Discipleship Training School

We invite North Korean experts and missionaries who are familiar with on-site situations in North Korea, to educate others as instructors. It covers not only North Korean society, culture, economy, politics, diplomacy, but also the role of young North Korean refugees. understanding the human rights and religion of North Koreans, along with preparations for a unified South, and understanding the actuality of North Korean refugees.

New Korea English Reunification Camp

At the New Korea English Reunification Camp (NKERC), which has been held every summer since 2017, is a yearly festival with a global community of people from all over the world who have North Korea in their heart and hope for reunification of the two Koreas. Through teaching English and sharing culture,It is a place where people experience a glance of how the vision and hope for God’s Kingdom in North Korea is being fulfilled.

One on One

Through professional Christian counseling, we help North Korean refugees be restored spiritually and emotionally to adapt to their South Korean community more effectively.

Nehemiah English Discipleship School

The Nehemiah English School (NES) intends to grow global leaders through its free English program (vacation intensive English discipleship school, 1:1 English mentoring, and extra.) for North Korean refugee students. We aim to teach North Koreans English, and disciple/mentor them in life skills and empower them to be NEHEMIAHs for this generation.

We are committed


We are committed to God's heart and reconstruction for North Korea and unite with those who will work together


New Korea Symposium

The New Korea Symposium was a two day event where individuals and organizational leaders gathered to hear testimonies from North Korean refugees, and envision how they can work together, utilizing their gifts and skills, to provide support to a unified Korea.

New Korea Network

The New Korea Network consists of organizations from diverse backgrounds, joining together to contribute to rebuilding of a unified peninsula, and provide vital services to the people of North Korea.

We are committed


NK Relief is an international relief and development Christian NGO founded by missionary Kenneth Bae, detained in North Korea for two years. Our mission is to Rescue, provide Relief, and Advocate for the lives, freedom, recovery, and rebuilding of North Korean refugees and North Koreans.


Emergency Medical/Living Support

Most North Korean refugees cannot be treated in hospitals due to the risk of identification or financial difficulties even if they have health problems. We help them get out of emergencies by helping them with medical and living expenses.


We provide emergency support to North Korean refugees in third-world countries who are willing to enter the Republic of Korea.To achieve this, we help North Korean refugees and children come to South Korea through a third country.


We provide scholarships by selecting low-income students among North Korean refugees and North Korean refugee children. To train the next generation, we select and support students with spirituality and intelligence to help them grow as leaders of the unified era.


Through professional and multidisciplinary counseling, we will help North Korean refugees recover spiritually and emotionally and adapt themselves to the new environment of South Korea.

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