About Us

New Korea Foundation International (NKFI) is an international non-profit organization based in Seattle, USA. NKFI is a non-profit organization established by Kenneth Bae, dedicated to rebuilding the lives of North Korean refugees through holistic education. Focusing equipping North Korean youths resettled in South Korea with the critical skills they need in their education to fulfil their path to a successful future as leaders and contributors to this world.

Our Vision

New Korea Foundation International (NKFI) is an international Christian NGO established by Kenneth Bae who was detained in North Korea for two years. Founded in 2016 under the name Nehemiah Global Initiative (NGI), it has ceaselessly worked for the Kingdom of God to reign over our North Korean brothers and sisters and its land for the last seven years. In direct response to God’s call to better serve the North Korean people, NGI has repositioned itself, re-focused its mission, and changed its name to NKFI in 2022.
We are dedicated to training, relief work, and preparing for the reunification and rebuilding of New Korea.

NKFI Mission

Our mission is to have mobilization, networking, resource coordination, supporting rehabilitation, training, relief, recovery, rescue, and more. We seek to support and facilitate change for North Korean refugees, and the reunified Korean peninsula for NEW KOREA.
To prepare for New Korea, we have set four specific missions. First, there has to be mobilization to become New Korea. Then, We need to train North Korean refugees to become leaders through teaching English and Discipleship training, etc. Third, to rebuild North Korea, experts from all areas need to gather together to prepare. So, NKFI is building Network, allied with other organizations for New Korea. Finally, we do a Relief ministry to help and rescue North Korean people suffering in North Korea and other third countries.

Our Board Member

Kenneth Bae

Chief Executive Officer


Young Kim

Director of Ministry (Training)


Kelly Snyder

Chief Administrative Officer


Heather Castro

Chief Finance Officer


Rick Nelson

Director of Marketing and Networking


Peter Kim

Assistant Director of Marketing and Networking


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