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"Let us rise up and build." (Nehemiah 2:18)

About NFKI

New Korea Foundation International (NKFI) is an international non-profit organization based in Seattle, USA. NKFI is a non-profit organization established by Kenneth Bae, dedicated to rebuilding the lives of North Korean refugees through holistic education. Focusing equipping North Korean youths resettled in South Korea with the critical skills they need in their education to fulfil their path to a successful future as leaders and contributors to this world.

CEO message

Please join us!

Join us in the mission to create a new level of support and outreach to our brothers and sisters in NEW KOREA.


NKFI Mission

Our mission is to have mobilization, networking, resource coordination, supporting rehabilitation, training, relief, recovery, rescue, and more. We seek to support and facilitate change for North Korean refugees and the reunified Korean peninsula for NEW KOREA.

To prepare for New Korea, we have set four specific missions. First, there has to be mobilization to become New Korea. Then, we need to train North Korean refugees to become leaders through teaching English and Discipleship training, etc. Third, to rebuild North Korea, experts from all areas need to gather together to prepare. So, NKFI is a building Network, allied with other organizations for New Korea. Finally, we do a Relief ministry to help and rescue North Korean people suffering in North Korea and other third countries.

New Korea Foundation International (NKFI) was started to:

1. Remember: North Koreans and North Korean Refugees
2. Rescue/Relief: them and provide physical and spiritual relief
3. Receive: them and
4. Reconcile: seeking to reconcile with them
5. Restore: and help to restore their lives
6. Return: to God and to their homeland
7. Repent: tern toward God
8. Rebuild: their lives and the ruins
9. Revive: God will bring revival to the nation once again
10. Reform: New Korea will be the nation bring reformation according to God’s words.


In order to fulfil these four missions, NKFI is working on many different projects. The projects below are ministries currently in progress.

How to get involved

NKFI is waiting for people to join in each area. So, let’s prepare for New Korea together as teachers, volunteers, donors, interns, etc.

English teacher

Most North Korean refugees have not had the chance to learn English. Therefore, we help the refugees learn English since it is an essential skill to learn for studying. The classes are run every week for 2 hours online or in person.

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One on one Mentor

North Korean refugees who now have experienced freedom have concerns about how to plan their lives and make school or career decisions. ‘One on One Mentoring’ is a program in that teachers listen to their stories and can give strength to them. Above all, it is a great opportunity to share the gospel with the students by building relationships.

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Please give strength to the oppressed North Korean people and refugees struggling in life with prayers. Only prayers can change the refugees’ lives and secure freedom in the North. So, please become a prayer warrior for North Korea.

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Media director

Various media works are needed to convey the situation of North Korea and North Korean refugees. We are waiting and looking for volunteers who can be with us in various fields, such as making videos, photos, and promotions.

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Since we are doing ministries related to North Korea and refugees, we need to translate things into many languages. There are various needs such as English-Korean, other languages, proofreading, etc.

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Finance is needed to help North Korean refugees, distribute the Bible, and rebuild North Korea when reunification occurs. Please support us financially to establish the kingdom of God in North Korea.

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